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FaceTouchUp: Low-Cost Plastic Surgery Simulation

Top 10 Surgery Solution Companies - 2021

The healthcare industry has been undergoing major disruption for the past few years now. By adopting digital transformation, healthcare providers are constantly experimenting with innovative ways to improve their efficiency, performance, and productivity. This, in turn, is facilitating every aspect of healthcare, especially the surgical division, to offer better services to their patients.

Hybrid operating rooms are one such innovation. This OR is equipped with the most advanced surgical instruments, including medical imaging systems and AI and robot-assisted machines. These powerful instruments allow surgeons to perform complex operations effortlessly and with much accuracy.

Alongside this, if touch-controlled smart equipment were the innovation of the past decade, voice recognition OR equipment is of this decade. Many healthcare institutions have been remodeling themselves with efficient voice-controlled surgical technology. This is reducing contamination in the OR as these gadgets are being controlled without touch. It is also allowing the surgical team to focus on the task at hand and have a well-organized workflow.

In order to assist healthcare providers in the task of finding accomplished surgery solution providers, we have compiled this issue of Healthcare Tech Outlook. In this edition, we have listed the top 10 surgery solution providers to highlight the organizations that can escalate the chances of your growth. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these surgery solution providers are set to transform the dynamics of the healthcare landscape. This edition also blends through thought leadership from subject matter experts and CXOs. We hope this issue of Healthcare Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster a healthcare ecosystem driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Surgery Solution Providers – 2021.”

    Top Surgery Solution Companies

  • Activ Surgical is a pioneering digital surgery company that is shaping the future of healthcare by developing AI, AR, and ML technology to work to address unintended surgical complications and reduce healthcare costs. Activ Surgical is developing a surgical intelligence platform that will deliver intraoperative visual overlays that show blood flow and perfusion in real time, empowering surgeons to better assess the success of a surgery and improve patient outcomes

  • FaceTouchUp is a company that simulates plastic surgery results at a meager cost with the help of a tool of the same name

  • Miyazaki Enterprises was founded by Dr. Miyazaki, who noted how live surgeries and the use of training cadavers could lead to patient risks, liability risks, and availability constraints. He set out on a mission to offer an innovative surgical simulation tool with lifelike quality and appropriate anatomical placement, ultimately allowing residents to learn in low-risk environments. Dr. Miyazaki finally created the all-in-one Miya Model. The Miya Model is a female pelvic anatomy model that mimics realistic surgical experiences with customizable anatomical features and presentations while supporting a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures. The Miya Model has been used in many National and International hysterectomy courses and has the distinction of being approved by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology for MOC (Maintenance of Certification) credits as part of a Hysterectomy/Urinary incontinence sling course.

  • Caresyntax


    Caresyntax is on a mission to make surgery smarter and safer. Our enterprise-grade digital surgery platform delivers actionable insights to improve patient outcomes by using proprietary software and AI to analyze large volumes of video, audio, images, device data, clinical, and operational data in and around the OR. This real world evidence can be used by the care team live, during a procedure and accessed by those outside the operating room via the platform’s dedicated telehealth link. After a procedure, the Caresyntax platform provides insights that help: surgeons benchmark and improve their care, hospital administrators use surgical resources more efficiently, medical device companies advance better products, and insurance companies understand risk and devise more tailored policies. Headquartered in Boston, Caresyntax software is used in more than 4,000 operating rooms worldwide and supports surgical teams in over two million procedures per year

  • Intuitive


    Intuitive is a global technology leader in minimally invasive care and the pioneer of robotic-assisted surgery. At Intuitive, we believe that minimally invasive care is life-enhancing care. Through ingenuity and intelligent technology, we expand the potential of physicians to heal without constraints. Intuitive brings more than two decades of leadership in robotic-assisted surgical technology and solutions to its offerings, and develops, manufactures, and markets the da Vinci surgical system and the Ion endoluminal system

  • Lumeon


    Health systems use Lumeon’s digital health platform to transform their care delivery processes into seamlessly orchestrated, personalized, virtualized care centered on each patient’s needs. With Lumeon, care delivery becomes frictionless, efficient, and effective, ensuring the best standard of safe care is delivered every time. Lumeon’s award-winning platform transforms EHR data into an operational plan of care, engaging, coordinating, and guiding consumers and care teams, alike, along the way. It extends and automates health care to wherever the consumer is, whether at the care setting, home, work, or on the move. With headquarters in the U.S. and Europe, we are proud to be working with over 70 leading hospitals, health systems, and specialist health providers as our clients

  • OrthoGrid Systems

    OrthoGrid Systems

    OrthoGrid Systems is a dynamic global leader in the development and commercialization of physician-assistive alignment solutions for orthopedic surgery. Designed to interface with existing hospital equipment and engineered to reveal fluoroscopic distortion, OrthoGrid's unique solutions empower surgeons to make more informed intraoperative decisions. Specialized products and applications are currently available for Total Hip Arthroplasty. The OrthoGrid Mission: We use data to solve critical surgical problems. We deliver the right information in real-time to drive the transformation of musculoskeletal surgery, answer the value-based healthcare equation, and improve patient outcomes

  • Stereotaxis


    Stereotaxis is a global leader in innovative robotic technologies designed to enhance the treatment of arrhythmias and perform endovascular procedures. Its mission is the discovery, development and delivery of robotic systems, instruments, and information solutions for the interventional laboratory. These innovations help physicians provide unsurpassed patient care with robotic precision and safety, improved lab efficiency and productivity, and enhanced integration of procedural information. Over 100 issued patents support the Stereotaxis platform. The core components of Stereotaxis’ systems have received regulatory clearance in the United States, European Union, Japan, Canada, China, and elsewhere

  • theator


    Theator is pioneering the Surgical Intelligence revolution. Our technology is the next generation of AI in surgery – built by surgeons for surgeons, and designed to raise their expertise to the highest possible level. Our goal isn’t just better surgery. It’s to create a whole new experience of AI in surgery. A next-generation OR, with real-time surgical decision support and AI-driven robotic procedures – all powered by surgical intelligence. To make this future a reality, we assembled a team of leading surgeons, computer vision experts, clinical specialists, and software developers. Together, we are using real-world scientific data to develop advanced AI capabilities that will fuel more consistently successful surgeries, and ultimately, a healthier world. This is the Surgical intelligence revolution

  • Virtuoso Surgical

    Virtuoso Surgical

    Virtuoso Surgical is making endoscopic surgery simpler and more effective by providing surgeons with dexterous, accurate, and cost-effective robotic tools. Robotic surgery system enables doctors to surpass some of the limitations of traditional endoscopes. Our needle-sized robotics tools allow surgery in the most difficult-to-reach areas of the body. Virtuoso is an endoscopic surgical system that delivers two robotically controlled, needle-sized manipulators that work from the tip of a rigid endoscope. This system replaces straight tools in almost any rigid endoscopic procedure and enables the surgeon to grasp, manipulate, and cut tissue with a dexterity unparalleled in rigid endoscopy today. The Virtuoso system reduces the need for awkward and potentially dangerous endoscope movements and enables the surgeon to manipulate tissue as though their hands were inside the body